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New Council Policy - Vaping not included

New Council Policy - Vaping not included

"Auckland’s Smokefree Policy has been updated to focus on Auckland Council's commitment to a healthier, smokefree city.

An updated version of Auckland Council’s 2013 Smokefree Policy was presented to the Environment and Community Committee on 17 October and the committee adopted the amended policy and implementation plan.

The policy guides the council’s goal of making all parks and reserves, children’s play areas and other public spaces (areas where the council has responsibility) smokefree by 2025.

Councillor Penny Hulse emphasised the council’s role in providing signage, initiatives to denormalise smoking and working with sector and advocacy groups.

“We have an important role to play in supporting smokefree messaging in public outdoor areas that the council and its CCOs manage and in working with the groups that champion smoking cessation across the region,” she says". (Auckland Council 2017)